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As a 16 year veteran of corporate America, I know how important it is to create a customer experience that’s at least as good as the product or service you provide. But creating a great customer experience takes time and effort. And how can you focus on your customer when the administrative demands of your business keeps pulling you back into the office?

• Office Administration
Is your email overtaking your day? Are you spending too much time on managing paperwork and not enough time in front of your customers? Do you wish you had a quarterly newsletter but can’t take the time to learn how?

Allow me to take care of your back office needs so you can concentrate on creating a stellar customer experience for your clients! You can relax and fully engage with your customers, knowing that your administrative needs are being taken care of.


• Call Forwarding phone services
Do you need to step away for an important business meeting but at the same time, you’re expecting an important phone call? Do you need to travel and wish you didn’t have to return to a long list of phone messages?

Let me fill in for you while you’re unavailable! My call forwarding service is the perfect solution for when you just need someone to monitor the phone for you for a while.


• Webinar management
You got into business because you have an important message or product to share with the world. Webinars are a virtual meeting room that give you a way to take that message and engage directly with your target audience!

Don’t let location or lack of experience hold you back anymore. I can help you to deliver your message to a live audience from anywhere in the world! All you need to worry about is what you want to say!

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[Sample – Webinar Proposal]

• Screencast video creation
People have been glued to TV screens since the middle of the 20th century. Video on the web has had a similarly dramatic impact on the way content is consumed, resulting in YouTube becoming the web’s second most used search engine.

Don’t get left behind by leaving video content off your marketing plan! I can help you craft your message into a compelling video that you can post on your website or on YouTube or on a landing page…

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[Sample – Camtasia Demo Development Agreement]

• Transcription services
Every time you speak aloud, you demonstrate your expertise to the world. The question is – are you doing anything to capture and collect your words and put them to good use? Consistent blogging or writing articles can seem a daunting task to some people, but transcriptions are a great way to generate written content from the spoken word.

Allow me to transcribe your thoughts and notes while you to concentrate on your business’s core competencies.

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When you allow yourself to begin to dream big dreams;
To creatively abandon activities that are taking up too much of your time;
And to focus your inward energies on alleviating your main constraints –
You start to feel an incredible sense of power and confidence.
~Brian Tracy

You have unlimited creative potential so don’t get enslaved by your business. Your love of independence may have lead you to become an entrepreneur and you may have greater control and decision-making ability, but you may also be working 80-hour weeks.

While most business owners tend to put in more than 40 hours a week, you don’t want to go overboard. Starting a business takes a real time commitment but if your business has taken over your life, step back and evaluate how to get your life back.

This could mean cutting back on some of your projects, prioritizing what really needs to get done and what can wait, or simply hiring a Virtual Assistant.


Until you value yourself, you will not value your time.
Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
~ M. Scott Peck

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