It’s common knowledge that different people learn better through different senses – Visual, Audio, Read/Writing, Kinesthetic. Presenters and trainers are taught to flex their presentation to touch on a little of each learning style so as to impact more of their audience.

Where the internet has historically been Read / Write intensive with a little Visual content in the form of pictures, technology is finally catching up and we’re seeing more Audio content in the form of Podcasts and richer Visual content in the form on Streaming Video.

This opens up a world of opportunity for Solopreneurs and Small Business owners. Where one presenter can travel to only one venue at a time to provide a training or presentation to the people local to that venue, now that presenter can reach a global audience in the form of an on-line webinar. Even better, a recorded webinar can reach an unlimited number of people, at unlimited times of day, regardless of the presenter’s whereabouts. And the same opportunity exists with Podcasts.

Following the thought process a step further, isn’t it true that what these technologies are really doing is allowing the Solopreneur and Small Business owner to reclaim some time in their day? When was the last time you wished you could schedule three presentations in the same hour? (On the other hand – when was the last time you overbooked yourself and accidentally scheduled three presentations in the same hour?)

Since helping people reclaim time in their day is sort of my schtick, I feel it’s important that I add webcasting and webinar management to my portfolio of service offerings. And because I just attended a whole week of super cool webinars at the VA Virtuoso Seminar conference hosted by Tawnya Southerland from (one of which just happened to be on the topic of webcasting and webinar management), I’ll be able to do just that.

I have signed up for a Webinar Mastery class with Michelle Schoen, guru of webcasting and webinar. Michelle formed her own Virtual Assistant business in 2008 and soon after, started to specialize in video creation. You can find more information about Michelle on her website:

And thanks to my new partner-in-crime, Nick D’Alessandro, I now have a project to work on as I go through the class. I met Nick just this morning on LinkedIn when he asked me if I had any experience with screencast style video. (True story!) How’s that for extraordinary timing!

Nick is the founder of Earnings Trilogy, a company that helps small business easily estimate the income potential of their business, enhance their earnings, and understand what it will take to reach their financial goals.

The class starts next Wednesday, December 3rd, so keep checking back here as I write about my experiences moving through the program.

Thank you so much VA Networking and Tawnya Southerland, Michelle Schoen and Nick D’Alessandro for your support and encouragement!