I recently met a young woman in one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to. Her name is Julie Ann Price and she offers business coaching. She wrote an eBook which she’ll be selling on Amazon. She posted an offer to the group members – she would give a copy of the eBook to anyone who would post a review on Amazon for her.

What a brilliant strategy! Not only does she get reviews on Amazon, but people are reading her work, they are checking out her website, they are joining the Niche Building LinkedIn group she started and, if they like what they see, they are potentially calling her to hire her coaching services!

I took her up on her offer. The book is titled “Nice Power – Researching and Understanding Your Niche” and here is my review:

I have to say I’m very impressed with this book! I’ve read loads of books that purport expertise about identifying your niche, but none of them were as helpful as this book was with instructions about how to actually do the research.

The book was organized very well, with the information moving in a logical flow. There was no ambiguity about the information, and the author took great pains to be sure she was making her point. In spite of the occasional typo and formatting hiccup, the book was easy to follow, presented in language that was easy to understand and without any jargon to create confusion.

The author walks us through the research exercises, describing her thought process and explaining why she got the results she did. She even took time to counter objections her audience might have said, with logical and compelling arguments.

We are given technical data in the form of statistics, but then we are also given the real world interpretation of what that data means. The author does an excellent job of stepping back and forth between the cerebral and the emotional worlds.

The author also provided additional worksheets the reader could use. But in my opinion, they were more like customized note paper than actual worksheets. They mostly repeated the instructions that had been listed in the book. There was not additional guidance or any extra information that would have justified calling them ‘worksheets.’

All in all, however, I was very pleased with the book and am very happy to be writing this review!