I’m attending a week-long virtual conference for Virtual Assistants (http://vavirtuosos.com). Four 1 hour-long webinars each day for five days. Boy is my head full of good ideas to increase my skills and grow my business!

Tawnya Sutherland says “Do you want to know a secret about Virtual Assistants? We stick together like glue, helping one another succeed in our VA businesses!” How true! I’m finding the VA community to be very tight knit, caring and sharing.

It’s only Day 3 of the conference but here is a list of great take-aways that I’ve gotten from the speakers so far:

  • Jennifer Hazlett – Work expands to fill in the time available for its completion
  • Kathy Goughenour – Listen 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time
  • Kevin McCarthy – It’s important to not just know about DISC, but to put what you know to use.
  • Amie Flowerday – Require a date and time specified for each and every task.
  • Sarah Santacroce – Great information about how to get the most from LinkedIn!
  •  Michelle Mangen – Zapier can bridge the gap between applications.
  • Yvonne Weld – I learned about Job Boards and the proper way to answer RFPs
  • Kaylee Spinhirn – Focus on your YES! List:
    • Activities that grow your business;
    • Actions that serve your client.
  • Lori Bruton – Don’t add stress taking on clients that are not the right fit for you.

Thank you ladies for taking the time this week to come and share your expertise!